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The earliest versions of NBfW were programmed by Eli-Jean R. Leyssens. These versions were debugged with help of Jasper van der Neut and Lukas van Schagen.

Because Eli didn't have the time anymore (he's got a job) to make major changes (the nmbd code was completely rewritten in the 1.9.18 release of Samba), he has given the source code to Jasper van der Neut.

The code has been rewritten for Samba 1.9.18 and 2.0.0 and several features were added, most notably access from the outside to every masqueraded computer.

Current status

There will not be another version of NBfW for Samba 1.9.18p10. The next version will be for Samba 2.0.0. At this moment I think this version has almost all the features I want in it:

  • Every backend host reachable from the outside.
  • Every backend host can browse the outside network (using broadcasts).
  • All netbios requests and answers are correctly forwarded.
  • Browser elections work.
  • Filtering to keep the traffic low.
  • All sessions (data-connections) are forwarded in the kernel.
  • Much more bulletproof to configuration errors with 2 gateways.
  • Improved packetforwarding and less broadcasting
  • Support for spaces in netbios names

New features will be:

  • Improved WINS handling.

NBfW is known to work on:

  • Linux, i386 and alpha
  • FreeBSD
  • Irix 6.2 (only nmbdnbfw)


  • Make NBfW work with WINS servers.

Last modified on November 17th, 1999
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