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With the Samba NetBIOS forwarder, nbfw, you can browse the local windows network transparently to and from your masqueraded network.

This will most likely be of use for people who have Windows machines on a backend network who want to browse the Network Neighbourhood on the 'normal' network though their masquarading firewall.


20 March 2003

Yes, the project is still active. :-). I hope to have some spare time within the next few weeks. This project really needs a new and updated website.

For the debian users among us. There's a repository at (and don't forget to read the documentation)

17 September 2001

The nbfw homepage isn't maintained at the moment. See the projects page for the latest releases.

19 April 2001

Samba 2.2.0 has been released. A new patch, nbfw-0.39, has been created, which will (hopefully) work with Samba-2.2. If it does not work please let me know.

4 September 2000

Fixed compile errors in interface.c when compiling on a non-linux system. This makes it possible to use the smbdnbfw with NAT-software it doesn't know about, such as FreeBSD's natd.

26 May 2000

I have made a start with porting nbfw to Samba TNG. In the download section you can find a diff file for Samba TNG alpha 2.5.3, which compiles. Forwarding seems to work.

3 May 2000

Samba 2.0.7 has been released. A new patch, nbfw-0.31, has been made. Note nbfw version 0.29, 0.30 and 0.31 are the same, they are just tailored to a specific Samba version.

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